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A handy and easy to use application that helps you seamlessly scan your computer and remove any file duplicates found in the process

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Handling a folder with a lot of files can prove challenging, especially if it has a lot of duplicates under a different name. Finding and removing them manually would waste a lot of your time.

With the help of DupLichaSe, you can avoid these problems. The program helps you find any duplicate files in your folders, even if they are saved under different names.

Dependable file manager that can detect file duplicates

The application can help you find file duplicates in your folders, then delete them with ease. It does so by using several comparison algorithms, that include hash checking. You can select the scanning speed, which directly affects the number of duplicates found.

Besides, the program can scan any folder you provide it with, or exclude several directories from the search. By doing so, you can avoid finding and accidentally deleting intentionally made and important file duplicates.

Reliable and intuitive duplicate file finder and eraser

DupLichaSe can detect any duplicate file with ease, by comparing file sizes and checksum digests, which are unique for every file. This helps you avoid accidental deletion of files that are not duplicates, even if their name or size matches.

Additionally, any deleted duplicate can be easily restored, as the application does not wipe them, but merely moves them to the Recycle bin. This way, you can easily select which files that you want to keep and which ones will be deleted, instead of accidentally wiping an important duplicate.

A lightweight, yet seamlessly powerful file manager

To conclude, DupLichaSe can help you find duplicate files in any of your folders, then delete them, in order to maintain data consistency and free disk memory.

With the help of the application, you will have no problem removing file duplicates and keeping your computer’s memory cleaned up.

DupLichaSe was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on May 19th, 2014
DupLichaSe - DupLichaSe can help you seamlessly find any file duplicates on your computer, then remove them.DupLichaSe - You can see each verified file or change the speed of the scanning process on the spot.DupLichaSe - DupLichaSe displays every duplicate file, along with its size, format and folder location.DupLichaSe - screenshot #4DupLichaSe - screenshot #5

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