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Search for duplicate files anywhere in your system by selecting various filters, such as format, size and date, with this powerful and efficient application

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Duplicate Cleaner Pro is a piece of software that enables you to clean all the duplicate images, documents and music from the hard drive or local area network.

The interface of the program is highly intuitive and therefore, any type of user is going to be able to work in it without encountering any type of issue. It presents a tab-like structure that lets you browse all the actions available, such as setting the search parameters, choosing the folder(s) to look in, and so on. There are also some shortcut buttons available which permit you to preview images, remove files, upload profile and the list goes on.

The UI supports multiple languages such as English, Armenian, Italian, Turkish and Portuguese. In addition to that, the Help contents are quite extensive, as they are both online and offline, and there is even a dedicated forum.

When it comes to the actual searching for duplicates, the program incorporates a lot of options, such as finding files with the exact same content, ignoring it altogether or searching for a similitude between contents of 80% (input from user allowed).

You can also choose to look for items that have the same or similar names, size and created or modified date.

In order to protect your computer, you can ignore system files and folders scanning, along with NTFS (New Technology File System) mount points and junctions.

In addition to all that, users can create their own profile and load it every time they use this application.

In conclusion, Duplicate Cleaner Pro is a very useful piece of software that can help you find and delete all the duplicate pictures, songs and documents present on your hard drive. It has powerful search capabilities, so be sure to double check all the settings chosen.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on September 21st, 2015
Duplicate Cleaner Pro - You can select various filters, such as format exceptions, size limit and date period, in order to find duplicate filesDuplicate Cleaner Pro - You can select various search options for regular, image and audio modes, such as same file name, resolution or dateDuplicate Cleaner Pro - You can enable more search options, such as exclude zero size files or count hardlinks in filesDuplicate Cleaner Pro - You can add search paths by selecting folders, load or save profiles and import duplicate file lists from CSV filesDuplicate Cleaner Pro - The search result can be viewed in the Duplicate Files tab and you can preview images and remove filesDuplicate Cleaner Pro - screenshot #6Duplicate Cleaner Pro - screenshot #7Duplicate Cleaner Pro - screenshot #8Duplicate Cleaner Pro - screenshot #9Duplicate Cleaner Pro - screenshot #10Duplicate Cleaner Pro - screenshot #11

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