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A lightweight and straightforward application that allows you to hide or display any files or folders normally hidden by your system

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In order to maintain the security and protection of several critical files, your computer hides them from plain sight. Although you can change this anytime and set your computer to display hidden items, the process tends to take some time and it needs some computer knowledge to handle.

Luckily, there are applications that can help you avoid having to go through such a process, one of them being Easy Hide-Unhide. The program allows you to change the visibility status of your folders and files in just a couple of clicks. It requires .Net Framework installed on your computer in order to properly work.

Handy file visibility changer

The application can help you bypass the regular process of changing the status of your files from hidden to visible, allowing you to do this instantly. This can help you discover some files that are not normally visible, but show up when calculating the size of a folder, for instance.

Furthermore, you can easily check the current visibility status of your files, then modify it accordingly. If your files are hidden, you can easily reveal them. The same thing applies for visible, yet by default hidden files, as you can make them disappear from plain sight.

Straightforward and easy to use file folder visibility modifier

With the help of Easy Hide-Unhide, you can find certain files that are not normally visible when browsing your computer.

The application has several practical uses, and it can partially be used as a security tool in some cases. For example, you can access certain malicious files that are hidden or block the regular way of revealing invisible files. After finding these files, you can remove them from your computer.

A dependable file revealing tool

To sum it up, Easy Hide-Unhide provides you with a convenient way of unveiling or hiding files and folders that are normally kept invisible by your system.

Easy Hide-Unhide was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on June 24th, 2014
Easy Hide-Unhide - Easy Hide-Unhide allows you to hide or display any files or folders that are protected by your system.

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