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A simple and easy to use application whose main function is to help you locate and remove duplicate files from your system's folders

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EasyTec Duplicate Doctor is a reliable and user-friendly software solution whose designed to provide you with the proper tools to search through the folders on your computer and detect any duplicate files that are eating up disk space.

The program is quite straight-forward and easy to work with, its main window displaying your system drives in tree view mode, enabling you to quickly locate and choose the directory you wish to analyze for duplicates.

You can select an entire folder or just specific items to be scanned. Additionally, the 'Search Settings' section allows you to configure the exact type of files you are targeting, such as 'Images', 'Audio Files', 'Documents', 'Archives', or you can even set up your own 'Custom Filter', by inputting the intended extension.

Moreover, EasyTec Duplicate Doctor enables you to look for items based on their size, so certain objects that are larger or smaller than a pre-defined dimension can easily be ignored. At the same time, you have the possibility of excluding system directories or certain folders of your choosing, useful particularly if you intend to perform a scan of your entire computer.

By pressing on the 'Start Search' button, the application can begin to analyze your PC and locate the duplicate files. The 'Results' section of EasyTec Duplicate Doctor will then display the identical items it was able to find and allow you to choose how to dispose of them, whether to just delete them or remove them permanently. The choice between the original and the copy can be performed based on a series of default criteria, but these too can be customized.

In conclusion, EasyTec Duplicate Doctor is a helpful utility that can assist you in getting rid of unnecessary files from your PC that are occupying space for no reason and cluttering your system.

EasyTec Duplicate Doctor was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 27th, 2014
EasyTec Duplicate Doctor - The main window of EasyTec Duplicate Doctor allows you to choose the folder you want to search for duplicatesEasyTec Duplicate Doctor - In the Scan Finished window, you can view the total numbers of files that were analyzed and the duplicates that were foundEasyTec Duplicate Doctor - The Results tab enables you to decide what to do with the duplicate files that were detectedEasyTec Duplicate Doctor - screenshot #4EasyTec Duplicate Doctor - screenshot #5EasyTec Duplicate Doctor - screenshot #6EasyTec Duplicate Doctor - screenshot #7EasyTec Duplicate Doctor - screenshot #8

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