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A useful application that will enable you to easily scan your system and see if there are any encrypted files or folders onto your PC

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You might find sometimes that your computer has some files that you cannot access. This can be the effect of the Encrypting File System(EFS), a NTFS Windows component that simplifies the encryption and decryption of certain files.

Luckily, there are applications, such as Encrypted File Scanner that can help you find all these files, then perform various action and processing upon them.

Handy and easy to use scanning tool that can find secret encrypted files

The program can scan your computer and detect any EFS file on your drives. Using multi-threaded scanning, the application can help you find any secret encrypted files in any drive.

Besides, Encrypted File Scanner can mark any detected encrypted file with a specific color, so that you instantly know what type it is. For instance, encrypted executable files are marked in red, whilst other files are colored black and folders are displayed in blue color. This way, after a scan, you can easily identify encrypted files by their type.

Reliable encrypted file system scanner with user-friendly GUI

The application can help Penetration testers or Forensic investigators find encrypted files on most computers, as these are created by the NTFS file system.

Using advanced functions, such as recursive subfolder scan, Encrypted File Scanner can find encrypted files with ease. Furthermore, you can optimize the scan time of the application, by setting it to ignore certain files that are not relevant to you, such as empty encrypted data, shortcuts and operating system files.

A lightweight, yet powerful application that scans your computer for EFS files

To draw a conclusion, Encrypted File Scanner gives you the possibility to search and find any secret encrypted file hidden within your disk drive. Thanks to its user-friendly and straightforward layout, you will have little to no problem using the application.

Encrypted File Scanner was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on May 23rd, 2014
Encrypted File Scanner - Encrypted File Scanner helps you scan your computer and find any encrypted file system(EFS) components.Encrypted File Scanner - By accessing the Scan Settings window, you can recursively scan subfolders or ignore empty EFS files on system scan.

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