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A reliable, Java-based application that can easily search for duplicate and similar images in multiple directories on your computer

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Similar Image Search is a cross-platform application that enables you to quickly and easily find duplicate or resembling pictures on your computer. This helps you make your image collection dupe-free and gain additional storage space in the process.

Find similar or identical images

The application can analyze multiple directories containing graphic files in various formats and detect the pictures that look alike. It comes in handy especially for photographers who need to quickly free up space on their memory cards.

Its advantage is that it does not only look for identical copies of an image, but can also perform reverse image search. Thus, it thoroughly analyzes the content of a folder so as to detect similarities, no matter the scale, type or rotation mode of different pictures.

Compare images and sort results

Thanks to the simplistic interface, working with the application should be a breeze. You start by building up and then pre-processing an image library consisting of one or more folders that will be analyzed.

The integrated duplicate finder can help you identify images that are identical in all senses, but have different names or perform a deeper search and comparison. Alternatively, you can use this application to compare a specific image with all the graphic files inside the target directories and return all the resembling pictures.

The results are displayed in a separate window, alongside the dimensions, size, the creation and last modification date for each picture. You can easily open images with the default viewer, copy them to another location or simply delete them from your computer.

A cross-platform tool for identifying resembling pictures

Similar Image Search can analyze and compare images in various folders in order to find duplicates and resembling photos. You can use it to organize your collection and free up disk space on a memory card by removing pictures you don't need.

Similar Image Search was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on April 30th, 2014
Similar Image Search - Similar Image Search enables you to select the folders you want it to analyze and find duplicate images.Similar Image Search - The Duplicate Finder helps you find identical images on your computer and perform reverse image search.Similar Image Search - You can view the search results, copy multiple images to another location or delete them,

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