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Compares FileMaker Pro Files And Lists Differences





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If your solution suddenly exhibits strange behavior, how do you find out what happened to the files? How much time would you have to invest to find out? Would it be possible at all?

With FMDiff the basic test is done within minutes. Simply compare your backup or "Good Clone" against the solution. You immediately learn whether anything has changed and where, either due to human, hardware, or software error.

FMDiff compares your current solution against a previous one and reports the differences. For the first time it is now possible to verify that the internal file structure (tables, fields, relations, etc.) is the same as at the time of delivery. This is typically very important for sensitive domains such as healthcare and accounting.

It's a "First of its Kind" application to:
· compare FileMaker Pro files against backups or clones
· show a file's Recover count (trust in the state of the file)
· unveil a file's unchangeable creation date (prove of ownership)
· list system and FileMaker version counts the file was used with
· check for obvious and hidden file corruption
· run super-fast!
Last updated on August 28th, 2014
FMDiff - This is the main window of FMDiff where you need to select the two FileMaker files you want to compareFMDiff - This is the way FMDiff will enable you to customize the header that will appear on your reports

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