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A powerful utility that was created to provide users with a means of transferring videos and pictures from a digital camera onto a PC via WiFi

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The transfer of captured photos and recorder videos stored onto a digital camera is usually done by connecting the device to the PC through a cable and then copying the files directly or through a specialized software.

FUJIFILM PC AutoSave is one such application and as its name clearly states it is bound to work with digital cameras manufactured by the well-known FUJI company and allow for wireless file transfers to occur automatically.

Simple configuration for fast uploads

With the installation procedure complete, the program is ready for setup and there are two types of settings users can go for, namely manual and automatic configurations.

Residing in the system tray in order to be more easy to access at all times, FUJIFILM PC AutoSave can be accessed by right-clicking the application's icon and thus bringing up the main menu.

Three-step setup wizard and easy synchronization

The utility contains a lot of graphical explanations on how to carry out the pairing of the camera and the computer, so even less experienced users can pull this off with minimal efforts. The built-in wizard is meant to facilitate both manual and WPS automatic settings.

Checking out the logs containing the transfer details can be done easily because FUJIFILM PC AutoSave comes with a dedicated function which is accessible from the main menu.

Likewise, going to the default location where the pictures and movies from the connected camera are sent is a matter of a simple click, from the same tray menu of this tool.

Automate photo and video transfers from your FUJI camera with this application

All in all, any user who is interested in having their images and filmed clips copied directly onto their PC via a wireless connection might find this program quite useful.

It doesn't boast some advanced features that power users might find indispensable, instead the ease of use recommends it for less experienced users.

FUJIFILM PC AutoSave was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on June 10th, 2014
FUJIFILM PC AutoSave - FUJIFILM PC AutoSave enables users to setup the computer for receiving data automatically when a compatible camera is connected.FUJIFILM PC AutoSave - FUJIFILM PC AutoSave can be configured eithe automatically or manually from the dedicated window.FUJIFILM PC AutoSave - FUJIFILM PC AutoSave runs minimized in the system tray and right-clicking its icon will reveal the main menu.

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