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Lightweight and clear-cut application which enables you to view all the changes made to files and other items from your hard drive

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File Activity Monitor Tool is a software utility which enables you to monitor changes made to all the files present on your computer in real time.

The upper hand of a portable app

Surprisingly enough, this tool is portable and thus, the installation process can be bypassed. If you copy the program files to a pen drive or other similar external data drive, you make it possible to take it everywhere with you and run it on the fly, on any computer you have been granted access to.

Another important aspect that should not be overlooked is that File Activity Monitor Tool, unlike installers, is not going to add new items to the Windows registry or hard drive without your permission, and no leftovers will remain after its removal.

Straightforward interface which lets you view all processed files

The UI you come face to face with can only be described as being clean and simple, as it is only comprised of a button and a pane where to display all changes occurred. To be more accurate, the latter lets you view the exact paths of the processed items, as well as their status.

Moreover, it can be unobtrusive, as you can hide it in the system tray with just a click of the button. It becomes quite clear that all types of users can learn how to get around it, without encountering any kind of difficulties.


CPU and memory usage is kept at a low level at all times, which means that the system’s performance is not going to be affected in any way, and you can run it alongside other program with great ease. The interface is accessible to everybody, the response time is good, yet its overall simplicity might ward off power users. Taking all of this into consideration, we can safely say File Activity Monitor Tool is a pretty efficient piece of software.

File Activity Monitor Tool was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on March 26th, 2014
File Activity Monitor Tool - From the main window you will be able to view and monitor your current file activity.

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