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A scanning and editing tool.

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File Scan/Editor is a tool pack that allows you to view and to make changes to the content of any application or file type. You can use this tool in order to edit text but its main purpose is to make changes to hexadecimal code.

The FileEditor application enables you to scan the content of the file and display the readable characters. You can use it in order to view the comments or other text items without making changes to the source.

The list of characters can be edited in order to annotate certain parts and saved as a TXT file. You can also print it directly from the application if you want to share it with other colleagues or programmers.

The FileEdit executable provides you with multiple options when loading the source. You can scan the text in the original file by preserving the same format or just browse through the list of characters without any formatting.

You can use the File Scan/Editor in order to edit the hexadecimal code. Since this is a delicate operation that can permanently corrupt your programs or important data, you should make a backup before editing the file.

The program is compact and can be used without any installation. It has a small footprint and requires insignificant resources to run. The interface is not very intuitive and does not allow you to use the mouse when navigating through the code.

When editing the code you need to use the embedded table of characters for entering a new value. You can only enter decimal values that the program converts into hexadecimal code.

Overall, File Scan/Editor provides you with the basic options for opening and editing files by manipulating hexadecimal values. However, if you need to edit multiple files and productivity is on top of your priorities, you should look for another solution.

File Scan/Editor was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on November 21st, 2012
File Scan/Editor - The software has a simple interface allowing users to open files for scanning or editing.File Scan/Editor - The utility's scanner simply shows file content and a few program commands.File Scan/Editor - Hex values are shown in editing, but use Decimal values to enter changes.

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