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Removes non-alphabetic characters from your text.





JBO File Stripper is a useful application that removes all non-alphabetic data from text files in preparation for further processing using any of the JBO range of cryptanalytic tools, or for manual processing.

Using the Open File button on the tool bar, you may open a standard text (.txt) file in the editor window.
Alternatively, you can type in any amount of text in the normal manner. In either case, the size of the data in bytes is displayed on the status bar.

Using the Save File button, you may save the contents of the editor in text file (.txt) format only.

Using the Print button, you may print the editor contents. The opportunity to save any unsaved data is offered.

Using the Close File button, the editor may be cleared. The opportunity to save any unsaved data is offered.

The Strip File button removes all unwanted data and loads the result into the editor. Again, the file size is displayed on the status bar.

The Group Data button removes all unwanted data, then formats the result into groups of five characters separated by a single space, ready for manual analysis.

There is no file size limit in JBO File Stripper although your operating system and memory configuration may impose such limits.
Menu options include the opportunity to change the editor font size, along with various help options.
Last updated on February 20th, 2006
File Stripper - This is how the text shows before processing it with File Stripper: it contains non-alphabetic data.File Stripper - Afer performing the Strip Text function, the non-alphabetic data is removed - spaces also.File Stripper - The Group text function of File Stripper groups characters five by five.

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