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A compact application that enables you to search for text string matches inside any kind of file, with support for multiple profiles

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FileSeek is feature-rich utility which enables users to search for text within contents over a wide array of files. It has many interesting options to offer, aside from a user-friendly environment.

The setup procedure is quick and does not require special attention from the user. Once it's done, you can check out a standard window with a well-defined layout, representing FileSeek's interface.

You can set up the search parameters when it comes to the target directory, exclusion list of files/folders, and evidently, the search query.

FileSeek performs a scan job very rapidly and reveals results with the file name, path, size, line number, date of last modification and access, along with the line itself of the query in question.

More advanced filters can be defined when it comes to the query match mode (to the entire file or to each line in the file), subfolders, case sensitivity, date attributes and file size limit.

It is also possible to create, manage and synchronize multiple profiles for various projects, switch to a different language for the UI, enable file handlers, input command-line parameters to pass, and so on. Plus, the program integrates into the Explorer context menu.

FileSeek has a good response time and requires a low-to-moderate amount of CPU and RAM to work properly. No error dialogs have been shown in our tests, and the app did not hang or crash. The intuitive layout and rich configuration options should make FileSeek appealing to the entire audience.

FileSeek Pro was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on June 19th, 2015
FileSeek Pro - FileSeek Pro  allows you to search for documents and specific strings of text inside files.FileSeek Pro - FileSeek Pro also enables you to activate the 'Case sensitive query' option from the Advanced tab.FileSeek Pro - From the Date Filters tab, users can select the creation, access and modification dates of the documents.FileSeek Pro - screenshot #4FileSeek Pro - screenshot #5FileSeek Pro - screenshot #6FileSeek Pro - screenshot #7FileSeek Pro - screenshot #8

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