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A useful and effective application whose main purpose resides in helping you catalog the contents of the folders on your computer

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Filecats Standard is an intuitive and easy to understand piece of software created to provide you with the ability of swiftly inventorizing the contents of your directories, enabling you to obtain a detailed list of the comprised files, with just a couple of moves from your mouse.

Clear-cut access from the right-click menu

Subsequent to the installation process, the application integrates into your Windows context menu, allowing you to work with it whenever you right-click on a folder.

The main window of the tool displays the number of items that have been examined, along with the time it took and the average speed of the operation (files per second).

Swiftly examine your folders and export a workbook listing its contents

For starters, you need to bear in mind the fact that Filecats Standard requires Microsoft Excel in order to function, as the catalog that it creates is automatically exported to an XLS file. The output document can be saved to a location of your choice, under any name you prefer.

The entire process, during which the program examines every single item in the targeted directory and outputs the generated inventory, is very quick and to the point, allowing you to save the Excel worksheet in just moments to your PC, for further work.

Inside the generated XLS, you will find the same information you would in Windows Explorer, organized in neat columns, for instance name, extension, size in bytes, date of creation or modification and the last time it was accessed. It also features hyperlinks so you can open a preferred item with a single click.

An efficient directory lister

In conclusion, Filecats Standard is a useful and reliable application that you can resort to for cataloging your folders, enabling you to obtain a detailed account of every file on your computer, along with its basic metadata.

Filecats Standard was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on October 18th, 2014
Filecats Standard - Filecats Standard is a handy tool that enables you to catalog the contents of folders using Microsoft Excel

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