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Powerful and flexible software to hide, lock and password protect your files.





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FolderMage Pro is a straight forward application designed to enable you to password protect all the private or sensitive information on your hard drive(s) and external devices. You can make your files and folders inaccessible, invisible, protect them from modification and deletion, restrict execution from them.

The protected data is not accessible by any users or applications - no matter how they are trying to get in - locally or from the net. Intuitive user interface of FolderMage Pro will suit the needs of everyone - from novice Windows users to computer experts. The amount of files/folders on computer, that you can protect with FolderMage Pro, is unlimited.
Last updated on May 12th, 2010
FolderMage Pro - This is the main window of FolderMage Pro, where you will be able to add the folders you wish to protect.FolderMage Pro - In this window of FolderMage Pro, you will be able ot select the protection method for your folders.FolderMage Pro - From the Service menu of FolderMage Pro, you will be able to change the password or customize the Settings of the application.FolderMage Pro - screenshot #4FolderMage Pro - screenshot #5

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