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A simple and small application that can reveal all the hidden files and folders within a selected directory, allowing you to identify possible threats

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Malware programs, viruses and other types of threats can affect your computer to such extent that some files and folders become invisible, even though the danger is long gone. Hidden Pro is intended to solve this particular issue by revealing the content of a directory, hidden items included.

The same result can be obtained by configuring Windows to display hidden files and folders from the 'Folder Options' section in Control Panel. The advantage of Hidden Pro is related to the fact that it does not change this settings for the entire system, showing you just the content of a folder of your choice.

Simplicity is one of its main characteristics, as it can be seen in the main interface. The GUI is made up of a single window, with all the options neatly displayed.

Your only task is to browse for the directory you want Hidden Pro to analyze and press the 'Get Info' button to proceed to the searching operation. In a matter of seconds, the application reveals a list of all the contained files and folders, displayed in two separate panes, along with their type. Also, it displays the total number of found items.

Unfortunately, the lists mix up hidden files with unhidden ones, allowing you to compare the directory structures on your own. Furthermore, you cannot open a file directly from the main window of Hidden Pro, which is rather inconvenient.

There is more than one feature that we can think of to have Hidden Pro enhance its functionality and become more appealing to final users. Aside from those mentioned above, it would be nice if it could allow you to unhide files and folders it finds. Other than that, the application does its job without posing problems.

Hidden Pro was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 16th, 2014
Hidden Pro - Hidden Pro helps you view all the hidden files in a specific folder and reveals the number of sub-directories.

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