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Advanced Recycle Bin Add-on

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Incinerator is a freeware Windows tool designed to remove the files placed in Recycle Bin once and forever.

Supposed to play the role of a Recycle Bin add-on, Incinerator automatically detects the deleted files located in Recycle Bin and lets you remove them without allowing recovery tools to get back the data.

While it also places an entry in the Windows Context Menu to easily wipe files on the go, Incinerator is also able to shred free disk space, regardless if we're talking about hard-disks, USB removable drives or any other media.

This way, you can make sure that no recovery software solutions can restore the available data on the disks.

The main window of the program lets you pick the drive you wish to clean and choose from two different security levels, namely quick (single pass) or NSA compliant (multiple passes), with a special field to define the number of passes.

The whole file wiping process takes just a few moments and the computer isn't stressed up at all, but make sure you're doing the right thing before proceeding with the actual removal. As said, no recovery tool can get back your data.

Incinerator also provides a detailed help manual, so in case you need assistance, make sure you check the dedicated section for an answer.

All in all, Incinerator does what it says and, what's more, it does it in the right way. A user friendly interface, a few customization options and, more importantly, effective tools to serve its purpose, are all available at your disposal.

Incinerator was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on April 3rd, 2012
Incinerator - In the main window of Incinerator you will be able to set the security level, and the file extension type.Incinerator - The Options menu is the place where you can enable context menu and you can choose to activate Incinerator on system startup.Incinerator - Incinerator will offer you the possibility to shred all the available space on your computer.

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