Karen's Directory Printer

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Print the names, and other information, of all folders and files on your computer

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Karen's Directory Printer is an application developed to print file lists concerning any folder on your computer, along with a great amount of information.

Although the program’s GUI isn’t clearly the best we’ve seen till now, Karen's Directory Printer provides users two different features: print the content of a folder or save it to disk, each of these two coming with different options.

If you wish to print a file list, you first need to pick the folder and decide whether Karen's Directory Printer should print files, folders or both files and folders information. What’s more, it can search sub-folders, print folder footers, show system, hidden and read-only files.

You can tweak file sorting as well, but also choose the details to be printed about every single file, such as date created, date last modified, file size, file name, folder name, attributes, extension, compressed size and file version.

On the other hand, if you want to save the details to the local disk, Karen's Directory Printer can export all these details to TXT and thus keep the file for later printing.

Last but not least, Karen's Directory Printer comes with shell integration, which means that it’s enough to simply right click a folder to quickly print its content.

One of the major drawbacks is that the app doesn’t provide too many options to tweak the printing process per se, but only the content to be printed. It doesn’t support double-sided printing, which is quite an important issue when trying to print large folders on your computer.

Otherwise, it’s a very handy product that still requires a bunch of upgrades. For example, a revised interface would clearly help and make the app a bit more user-friendly.

Karen's Directory Printer was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on May 22nd, 2012
Karen's Directory Printer - The Print window allows you to select the folder you want o use and customize the print options.Karen's Directory Printer - The Save to Disk tab allows you to customize the Save Options select the sort type.Karen's Directory Printer - The Other Settings window allows you to remember your settings and select customize the File Info.

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