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Monitors directories for changes in the containing files, executing a user-defined application and displaying a notification message

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Luba - Filewatcher is a handy tool for anyone who wants to monitor a folder and detect changes made to containing files. It can prove useful especially to programmers who need to track down modifications within their project during the development process.

Simple look and accessibility

Its stylish interface displays all the options within reach, which makes it easy to configure and use. Creating a new item in the watch list is a simple task, initiated via the right-click context menu within the 'Watch' section.

Monitors multiple folders simultaneously

Luba - Filewatcher enables you to assign a custom name to each supervised directory and select the working folder. You can use the predefined list of macros in order to easily define the match condition, which extends to a variety of situations. For instance, the application can notify you when the path of a file changes or when its name is modified.

File filtering options

In addition to this, there are a bunch of options that can be customized. You can set the application to include or exclude sub-folders and go even further by specifying the file types to monitor or excluding certain files using regular expressions.

When Luba - Filewatcher identifies a match with the defined parameters, it displays a small notification window near the system tray and automatically runs the user-defined process. The notification history can be easily saved to a database or a text file on your computer.

A useful tool for tracking changes in your files

Luba - Filewatcher can keep an eye on the contents of a folder and log any modification that occurs to its files. Its filtering capabilities and regex support help you track down only changes that really interest you, ignoring the others.

Luba - Filewatcher was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on March 26th, 2014
Luba - Filewatcher - You can use Luba - Filewatcher to monitor any folder in your computer for changes.Luba - Filewatcher - When a change is detected, Luba - Filewatcher runs the selected program and displays a notification near the system tray.Luba - Filewatcher - When adding a new item to the list, you must select the target folder and enter the monitoring parameters.Luba - FilewatcherLuba - Filewatcher

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