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Locate files on your computer by specifying their name, path or size, as well as by using regular expressions, with this simple utility

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Given the vast amount of files we store on our computers nowadays, keeping them well organized is not always easy. You probably often find yourself wondering where you have placed a certain file or wishing there was an easy way to access it, without having to navigate to it manually.

MasterSeeker can help you find any file on your computer very quickly, depending on a series of specified parameters.

Search for files based on their name, size and path

You can enter a keyword that is included in the name of the file you are trying to find, then specify whether or not the program should ignore upper and lower case characters.

The application also allows you to specify the directory a file is located in, to narrow down the results. Again, you can choose to have it ignore character case, but you can also specify whether subdirectories should be included in the operation.

It is also possible to search for files based on their size. The application displays documents that are similar in size to a specified number, which is useful if you cannot remember the exact value.

MasterSeeker also allows you to search for files and directories by using regular expressions.

Organize search results

Once you have completed a search operation, you can sort the results by name, directory path, extension, size, as well as creation, modification and access date.

You have the possibility of saving the details of all the items on the results page to a TXT or CSV file.

Powerful search engine

Regardless of the search parameters used, results are displayed almost instantly and are updated in real time.

The application can be minimized to the system tray and then accessed through the use of a simple key combination. It can also be launched automatically at system startup.

To conclude, MasterSeeker is a simple but powerful tool, designed to help you find files on your computer very quickly, while offering an intuitive user interface.

MasterSeeker was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu
Last updated on June 16th, 2015
MasterSeeker - MasterSeeker enables you to search for documents based on file name, directory and file size.MasterSeeker - You can open a selected file's containing folder, copy its name or path, as well as save the results list.MasterSeeker - The application can be accessed through a simple key combination and can be launched automatically at Windows startup.

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