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A Java-based application that enables you to automatically translate database schematics and SQL queries into relational algebra

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SQL queries are database operations that aim to retrieve information from a table by searching for specific fields, indexes or terms.

To model this information and organize it into data sets, you can use a branch of mathematics called relational algebra and translate the SQL queries.

Enter the database schema and SQL queries

SQLToAlgebra is a Java-based utility that enables you to translate SQL queries directly into relational algebra and export the results for further use in other applications or projects. It provides you with two text fields in which you can enter your data, the first of which is the database schema. This is basically the overall layout of the database, containing the table properties and all of the available fields, as well as their type and value.

The second area enables you to add the SQL queries you want to perform on the previously entered tables. Here you can define any kind of operation involving the fields and values from your database, including SELECT, FROM, WHERE or ORDER BY. The application supports every character type, operator and comparator you might use to sort through your data.

Translate the queries to relational algebra and export the result as a spreadsheet file

As previously mentioned, relational algebra handles data sets and it can model the information stored in relational databases, as well as organize and normalize the data structure using primary keys to identify every created instance. Various operations can then be performed on the data sets, including cartesian product, union and intersection.

The main output of the translation is made into a separate application window, using plain text that can be easily copied and used in other programs. But, if you are so inclined, you can choose to export the final results as a Microsoft Excel document. SQLToAlgebra saves the file using the new XLSX extension, which can be opened using the latest versions of Excel.

Closing arguments

Even though the whole application interface is basically formed out of two text areas and two submit buttons, SQLToAlgebra's simplicity is actually a good thing to see in this case, since it allows you to do your job quickly and free of any distractions.

SQLToAlgebra was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on February 21st, 2015
SQLToAlgebra - You can add the source database schema and the SQL queries in the main window of the application.SQLToAlgebra - The Results window displays the translation of your query into relational algebra.

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