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A handy tool that enables you to look for a specific text within all files stored inside ZIP archives, without having to decompress them

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The suggestive name of Search in Zip-Files reveals its purpose to you even before launching the application to get acquainted with it. It is designed to help you look for text inside multiple ZIP files without having to decompress them.

Forthright approach that makes it easy to use

Its interface is simple, comprising clear options within a single window. There are no additional menus and the search results are also displayed in the main GUI, providing one-click access to each function.

The major advantage of Search in Zip-Files is that it can look inside ZIP files stored on your computer without you having to manually decompress them.

Search filtering capabilities

The application enables you to work with search patterns, which helps it filter the search results according to your instructions. For instance, entering '*.TXT' as the file search pattern tells it to return a list of all the TXT files that contain the keyword, regardless of their name.

Additionally, you can specify a pattern for the target ZIP archives and thus limit the search process to a few files, instead of all the archives inside the target location. Moreover, you can configure it to recursively search inside sub-directories or exclude them, as well as match the word case.

Take a look inside ZIP archives

Search in Zip-Files enables you to perform text searches inside ZIP archives, even if they are not decompressed. Double-clicking on any of the retrieved results opens it with the default text editor, enabling you to freely modify its content. It comes in handy to anyone who wants to look for a specific text document within ZIP archives.

Search in Zip-Files was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on July 1st, 2014
Search in Zip-Files - You can use Search in Zip-Files to easily find text within the files inside a ZIP archive.

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