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Calculate and compare the MD5 checksums of files and strings, and features a built-in search function and Windows context menu integration

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SendTo MD5 is a software utility which can be used in order to calculate and compare the MD5 hash of specified items or strings, and to create a context menu entry.

Simple setup and straightforward GUI

The installation process runs quite seamlessly, as it does come with any unpleasant surprises and it is over in a few minutes. However, if you are interested in bypassing this, you should know this tool has a portable counterpart, called SendTo MD5 Portable -

The interface you are brought to encloses a minimal and clear-cut design, as it only consists a few boxes and some buttons. It also presents two sizes you can switch between with just a click off the button. As a result, we can safely say it is dedicated to both power and novice users.

Context menu integration

First and foremost, you should know that SendTo MD5 creates an entry in the Windows File Explorer context menu, in the “Send to” category, a feature which enhances usability as it helps you generate the MD5 checksum for a file with just a click of the button. It is also possible to perform this operation by “dragging and dropping” items to the main windows, using the file browser provided or inputting a string in the appropriate box.

Customize appearance and compare MD5 hashes

You can easily compare two checksums with just a click of the button and search for an item on the hard drive with a matching MD5 hash. A customizable color-coded system is in place, so that you can easily figure out the relationship between two items, while you can also use a transparent main window, set the application to remember the main window’s position and force it to always stay on top of any other launched program.


To sum up, SendTo MD5 is an efficient and reliable piece of software. It does not put a strain on the computer’s performance and we did not detect any errors, freezes or bugs. The interface is accessible to all users and all jobs are completed in a decent amount of time.

SendTo MD5 was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on June 13th, 2014
SendTo MD5 - SendTo MD5 will help you quickly and easily calculate and compare MD5 checksums of files or stringsSendTo MD5 - The Options window will provide users with different / identical pr same file checksum color selection capabilities

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