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Renames TV series into more usable filenames by fetching episode names from webpages




Ever recorded / downloaded / ripped a TV show just to have lots of garbled filenames which don’t tell you anything? Too many files to rename them manually? That’s where Series Renamer kicks in.

Many filenames of series have something like "S1E05″ or similar in them, with S standing for season, and E for episode. This allows to search for this episode on the internet and figure out the title. Once the title is known, the file can be renamed to some meaningful name, like "Series Name - S1E05 - Series Title.avi" or similar. That’s the basic concept of Series Renamer.

Open up a folder, select which files you want to rename, enter a Series Name and click on "Get Titles!", see if you’re happy with the results, press “Rename!” and you’re done.

Give Series Renamer a try too see what it' all about!
Last updated on December 4th, 2009
Series Renamer - This is the main window of Series Renamer that allows you to access all the features of the application.Series Renamer - From this tab of Series Renamer you'll be able to configure the application's running settings.

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