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An application designed to keep two directories in sync with each other, by ensuring that files in the source directory match those in the target directory

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Working with multiple directories at once can be difficult, especially if you need to keep them synchronized and update their files periodically.

DirSync enables you to auto-update the chosen directories every time you make any changes to the files contained within them.

Use scripts to sync multiple folders

The application supports scripts to automate the synchronization process. You have to specify the source and target directories in the body of the script, while DirSync monitors the activity and displays the number of total cycles completed, to let you know when the folders are being synced.

You can make use of this function to launch programs once the synchronization is complete and enable them to use the updated files. This feature is especially useful when you are running a system service that needs to be restarted once a backup is created.

Run the application from the command-line

DirSync can also be run from the command prompt, if you want to insert the process parameters manually and have better control over the program's performance. A batch file can be created for easier access to the command-line mode, that can hold all the desired settings and target directories.

Errors that occur during synchronization do not cause the application to crash and abort the whole process, they are handled separately and allow the execution to continue with the rest of the task. That way, if one of the directories is corrupted or not available, it is skipped and DirSync keeps running without any interruption.


Although the application is designed for more experienced users, DirSync is intuitive and accessible for almost anyone. But, to make use of the more advanced features like script support and command-line mode, you need to be familiar with more advanced computer concepts.

The guided user interface is fully operational and just as powerful, so you can use it either way to achieve your purposes.

DirSync was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on March 30th, 2015
DirSync - The main window of DirSync allows you to open a script and view the source, target and file activity.DirSync - You can access the application options from the Program menu, or by using the dedicated keyboard shortcut.DirSync - The Scripts menu enables you to edit the currently opened script or load a new one.DirSyncDirSync

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