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Powerful replacement for Windows built-in search, more speed and functions

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Sometimes, finding certain files is quite difficult and takes a lot of time if you’re doing it manually. Super Finder XT is a program specifically developed to aid in your searches.

The app has an easy to use interface and comes packed with a step-by-step tutorial that fires up at first launch. The software comes with an extensive list of options to help you refine the search.

So, you can choose the folders you want to look into or opt for one of the predefined paths, such as the desktop, My Documents, temporary Internet files, program files and even the Windows’ System 32.

Also, one of the three available search types can be chosen: text, Unicode and hexadecimal. Furthermore, the software comes with support for wildcards, so you can search for files with names that you only remember a few letters of or those that have a common root.

In addition, an exclusion file mask can also be created. This includes a list of files that should be left out from the search results.

Other advanced options are available in order to further customize the searches. You can provide time intervals, approximate file size and other attributes. The software also supports plugins for extended functionality.

From the search result list, the properties of any of the files can be checked. They can also be opened, copied, deleted and renamed.

Super Finder XT allows extensive customization, including multiple skins. You can also choose the way the status bar looks, as well as if to have a separate column for extensions or attach them to the file names.

All in all, Super Finder XT is a useful app that can help you find files easily. The interface is intuitive and users of all levels of experience should find it easy to figure out.

Super Finder XT was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on December 17th, 2012
Super Finder XT - The main window of SuperFinder XT allows you to search for files and folders and change your viewing mode.Super Finder XT - You can modify the default paths of the program and select your own using the Predefined button.Super Finder XT - The Setup tab lets you change the skin, language, and other basic or advanced settings of the program.Super Finder XT - You can use plugins with Super Finder XT that can be added from your computer or downloaded.

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