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Helps you easily create CBZ and ZIP archives that contain images in your computer, as well as convert CBR, RAR and ZIP files to CBZ format

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The Comic Book Wizard is a lightweight utility that assists you in easily generating comic book archives. Its name might be a little deceiving (since there is no standard wizard to guide you through all the steps), but the application is just as easy to use as a wizard.

Create CBZ archives with ease

Comic book archives includes a sequence of images that can be viewed using a specialized reader. The Comic Book Wizard assists you in creating such archives, enabling you to select the input images and customize the output location.

All the input files are neatly displayed within the main window of the application and their total size is calculated in order for you to approximate the size of the resulting archive.

Preview functionality

The preview function enables you to take a look at the input images before proceeding to creating the archive, just to make sure that you selected the right ones. The 'Preview' window can be docked to the main GUI or disabled with a single click.

Compression utility and CBZ conversion tool

While its main purpose is to generate CBZ archives, this application can also be used as a standard ZIP archive creator, enabling you to compress any folder, regardless of its content type.

Also, it features an integrated tool for converting ZIP, RAR or CBR archives into CBZ format, which provides quite satisfactory processing speed and allows you to select the destination location.

An all-in-one application for CBZ management

The Comic Book Wizard bundles a compression tool, a comic book archive creator and a CBZ converter within a single package. It is very easy to work with and provides users with all the tools they require in order to handle CBZ files.

The Comic Book Wizard was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on March 12th, 2014
The Comic Book Wizard - The main window of The Comic Book Wizard enables you to select the images you want to include in the archive.The Comic Book Wizard - The 'Archive Manager' can be used in order to convert ZIP archives that contain images into CBZ archives.

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