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A useful application that will make it possible for everyone to alter timestamps for any files either individually or in batches







Touch is a small Windows utility that will allow you to change file timestamps and attributes for selected files. Simply drag files from Windows Explorer file folders to the Touch window, or use the Explorer Send To menu.

Touch includes facilities to modify the file Creation, Modification and Last Access timestamps as well as optionally setting file attributes including the Read-Only, Archive, System, Index and Hidden bits.

A command-line console application is also included to provide the same facilities for command shell and batch scripts. Use Touch -? to display a help manual page describing all command line flags and options.It is also available as an extension, which works by adding 3 additional buttons to the File Manager toolbar that can help you "touch" the files you select.

With Touch you will be able to easily alter the modification date and time of a any document in a couple of moments.
Last updated on November 8th, 2013
Touch - By using the program, you can adjust the modification date and time of the file you want to "touch"Touch - To customize the running settings of Touch you can use the 'Settings' tab of the application.

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