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A virtual floppy drive

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Virtual Floppy Drive is a handy tool designed to emulate a floppy disk drive on your computer. It is a useful tool if you need to use older applications or tools that need to retrieve data from a diskette drive.

During the last years, the list of removable storage solutions has increased significantly and the competition has rapidly pushed floppy disks to the bottom. Since it has a very small capacity and reliability compared with the DVD or the USB storage devices, less and less computers come with a installed FDD.

However, older applications sometimes require the presence of a floppy disk in order to read or store information. You have the option to emulate a virtual device on a virtual machine but that requires the installation of complex programs.

The Virtual Floppy Drive tool allows you to quickly install a driver and a virtual device in less than a minute. The application runs in command line mode and allows you to configure the floppy disk properties with a few simple commands.

Although casual users might not need to use this utility, they can install the driver, start the service and create a disc image with minimum effort. The list of available commands can be viewed in the console and in the help file included in the archive.

The package also includes a graphical interface which enables casual users to easily access open a disk image and to configure the application. It allows you to configure two separate driver with only a few clicks.

By default you can save files on a new floppy image but you can configure the application to protect the disk content. You can also load a previously saved disk image in order to use it for a certain project or test.

If you need a floppy disk drive for your daily activity, the Virtual Floppy Drive is a lightweight solution that provides all the attributes and features of a disk drive without having to purchase and install one.

Virtual Floppy Drive was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on June 24th, 2013
Virtual Floppy Drive - The main window of Virtual Floppy Drive enables you to access all of the application's options.Virtual Floppy DriveVirtual Floppy Drive

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