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This user-friendly application provides you with the means to explore the contents of your computer's hard disk in order to delete space wasting files or folders






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FolderVisualizer is an easy-to-use utility that helps you manage your HDD's content and identify unnecessary folders.

The application analyzes your disk drives and shows you exactly which files and folders need most space on your disk.

FolderVisualizer displays the files stored on your computer in a list and allows you to sort them by size, location or type.

It can even create lists of the top-100 space using files as well as statistics and charts about different file types on your drive.
Last updated on January 21st, 2015
FolderVisualizer - FolderVisualizer is an intuitive application that helps you quickly manage your hard disk's space and allows you to delete unnecessary folders or files.FolderVisualizer - You can scan any selected folder in order to retrieve information about its occupied space and current RAM usage.FolderVisualizer - The Folder View section of FolderVisualizer enables you to easily pinpoint the path of your selected folder.FolderVisualizerFolderVisualizerFolderVisualizerFolderVisualizer