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Using this application you can perform various actions to the data stored on your hard or portable drives, such as erase or securely wipe it

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Active@ KillDisk is a Windows utility designed to help users securely overwrite and delete all data on physical drives or logical partitions, as well erase the unused disk space.

It sports a clean and straightforward interface that gives users the possibility to perform one or more cleaning operations at the same time and view information about the detected drive.

The program offers support for IDE / ATA / SATA / eSATA / SSD / SCSI hard drives and lets you erase data from fixed disks, floppies, ZIP drives, USB Flash Cards and USB external devices.

Active@ KillDisk comes packed with various cleaning algorithm, such as DoD 5220.22-M, Gutmann, and others.

What’s more, you can scan the system volume and view the folders and files that exist or were deleted, preview any sectors or file clusters on a drive, wipe out free clusters and unused bytes in the last cluster occupied by a file, as well as perform cleaning operations for MFT records.

Additionally, Active@ KillDisk keeps a log which offers details about the entire process and possible errors, and lets you save the hardware information to XML file format.

Last but not least, you can make the application ignore disk writing errors, specify the read and write retry attempts, send email notifications and configure the SMTP settings, use command-line parameters, as well as perform the cleaning process from bootable CDs/DVDs or USBs.

During our testing we have noticed that Active@ KillDisk carries out the cleaning process successfully. Depending on the size of the disk, it might take some time to finish the task. At the end of the job, you can view a report which can be saved to a file.

All in all, Active@ KillDisk provides an intuitive layout and useful cleaning algorithms for making sure data is permanently erased from the computer.

Active@ KillDisk was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on March 18th, 2015
Active@ KillDisk - Active@ KillDisk is a utility that allows users to scan hard and portable drives.Active@ KillDisk - The application offers users the possibility to save information about the hardware, as well as the log.Active@ KillDisk - From the Task menu, users can mark the drives, then wipe the data stored on them.Active@ KillDisk - screenshot #4Active@ KillDisk - screenshot #5Active@ KillDisk - screenshot #6Active@ KillDisk - screenshot #7Active@ KillDisk - screenshot #8Active@ KillDisk - screenshot #9