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A simple hard drive activity monitoring utility

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DKHardDrive-Light is a simple software solution that can monitor hard disk activity and notify you with the help of a blinking icon in System Tray.

The application provides two different monitoring modes, letting you keep an eye not only on a single drive, but on all of them, creating multiple icons in the System Tray to easily show disk activity.

The interface doesn’t bring the professional look you may expect from this program, but it does its job very well, although it also makes it obvious that DKHardDrive-Light lacks many important features.

While the Single Drive mode allows users to select the drive to monitor, the so-called “Multiple Drive” tool automatically selects all drives, so you can’t just choose two or more specific items.

In addition, DKHardDrive-Light uses the main window to show files being accessed at any given time, along with timestamps and the type of action being performed.

While it proved to be effective and stable during our testing, DKHardDrive-Light lacks all types of customization options, so you can’t even choose the color of the icon placed in System Tray.

The program works flawlessly regardless of the Windows version running on your system, remaining very light on hardware resources all the time.

As a conclusion, DKHardDrive-Light is indeed a handy utility if you wish to keep an eye on hard disk activity, but it still needs many improvements to become a more attractive product. Icon customization options are a must have for this kind of programs and so is a more user-friendly and appealing interface too.

DKHardDrive-Light was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on April 10th, 2012
DKHardDrive-Light - This is the main window of DKHardDrive-Light that displays the activity for the selected drive.DKHardDrive-Light - DKHardDrive-Light is also capable of monitoring and displaying the activity of several disks in this tab.