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A useful tool that fixes disk problems, recovers hidden files and performs various other tweaks

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Whether you need to fix some issues with your operating system or you just want to tweak Windows to squeeze even the last performance drop out of it, Disk Heal is a software solution that could come in very handy.

This application is designed to help you fix disk problems, but it also gives you the possibility to change some Windows settings, be they intended to boost security, tweak the appearance, customize Internet Explorer or hide and show some Control Panel applets.

Disk Heal's interface isn't that attractive, yet it serves its purpose very well because all the features are organized in tabs.

The application can help you a lot when trying to fix the problems caused by viruses or other malicious files, so for example you can fix Task Manager and Registry Editor in case they refuse to load. Plus, you can solve disk problems and restore C: as your system drive.

The tweaking chapter is a bit more complex and allows you to play with many of settings. For instance, if you wish to boost your computer's security you can disable folder options, Task Manager, Registry Editor or even right-click menu plus a lot of other options.

The appearance tweaks include ClearType fonts and smooth scrolling, but there are some that give you the possibility to show the Windows version on desktop or remove the left panel in My Computer.

All in all, Disk Heal is a nice application to help you address disk issues. The feature pack that comprises many Windows tweaking tools is also of great aid and thanks to its easy to understand interface, the program is well suited for all users.

Disk Heal was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on October 8th, 2012
Disk Heal - From this window you can easily fix your registry prtoblems.Disk Heal - In this window you have the possibility to tweak certain options of your computer.

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