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A simple software solution that allows you to browse floppy and hard disk images in EXT2 and FAT file systems in a straightforward way

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There are many programs that can help you view disk images and most of them are easy to use and allow browsing the files with very little effort.

Classic installation procedure

Disk Image Viewer has been created for loading up hard disk images for EXT2 and FAT system. Installing the application requires little attention from the user, who has to follow the simple instructions in order to complete the operation.

EXT2 (second extended file system) is particular to Linux operating systems and it is the successor of the EXT file system. FAT (file allocation table) file system has been developed for older Windows operating systems but it is supported by other OSs as well.

Load the image and browse its contents

The interface of the program is as simple as possible; there is a single window that provides a limited amount of options. Basically, Disk Image Viewer allows loading an image and browsing the data inside.

However, it can also be used to copy the data enclosed in the images to a different location on the computer.

There are no settings to tinker with, which makes working with the tool as straightforward as possible, for both beginners and advanced users. Although the program comes with a documentation file there is little need to consult it.

However, take into account that both file systems are quite old and their usage is limited to less advanced operating systems.

Simplicity at its best

Sporting a small number of options and no configuration panel, Disk Image Viewer is one of the simplest applications. Working with it is intuitive and there is no need for a help file.

Disk Image Viewer was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on May 23rd, 2014
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