Disk Savvy Enterprise

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A powerful disk analysis utility that can handle hard dives, network shares and other large storage mediums using a set of intuitive tools

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Disk Savvy Enterprise is a robust software solution for those who are looking to run complete scans for simple hard drives or entire storage systems owned by large companies.

The application features built-in file management operations, report exporting, multi-threaded disk space analysis, data wiping capabilities, SQL integration and much more.

A comprehensive interface that guarantees intuitive use

Disk Savvy Enterprise displays a user-friendly interface which makes all the tools and options you need easily accessible, placed in plain sight or in well structured menus.

Its main window is clear of any distractions or irrelevant functions and makes running an analysis very easy. All you have to do is add a new command, choose the location to examine and then click the ‘Analyze’ button. Of course, any of these commands can be customized in term of rules, file exclusions and actions that are taken when a rule is questioned.

Classify files and generate good looking charts

Since the application is designed to offer detailed insight over how storage space is used and what it is made out of, Disk Savvy Enterprise provides a well thought out reporting system.

Once an analysis is complete, it displays the results in neat lists which can be customized to your needs. Files can be categorized by extension, size, creation time, user name and so on, but they can also be classified using a series of plugins.

For example, the latter are able to extract information about hidden audio, video or image files and most importantly, these plugins can be added to Disk Savvy Enterprise after they have been completely tailored to your needs.

Viewing the obtained data in plain list form is often hard to follow and for this reason Disk Savvy Enterprise enables you to generate pie and bar charts to make analysis results as explicit as possible.

A powerful storage analysis solution that is well suited for anyone

With the above to consider and a lot more to discover, it’s safe to say that Disk Savvy Enterprise is by all means a reliable, easy-to-use and most importantly, a practical space usage analyzer.

Disk Savvy Enterprise was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 17th, 2015
Disk Savvy Enterprise - Disk Savvy Enterprise enables you to perform a detailed analysis of any folder or hard drive that is found on your computer or network.Disk Savvy Enterprise - After an analysis is complete, you can view the space repartition, classify files and generate charts.Disk Savvy Enterprise - A chart can be in pie or bars form, copied to Clipboard, printed and customized in terms of header and footer.Disk Savvy Enterprise - screenshot #4Disk Savvy Enterprise - screenshot #5Disk Savvy Enterprise - screenshot #6Disk Savvy Enterprise - screenshot #7Disk Savvy Enterprise - screenshot #8Disk Savvy Enterprise - screenshot #9Disk Savvy Enterprise - screenshot #10Disk Savvy Enterprise - screenshot #11Disk Savvy Enterprise - screenshot #12Disk Savvy Enterprise - screenshot #13