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Performs disk speed test and provided details about how fast your disks can transfer data

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Disk Speed a very easy to use application designed to perform speed tests on your hard disks and return a set of useful details regarding access time and read speed.

Although it's far from being a comprehensive benchmarking utility, Disk Speed tests the HDDs and then allows you to compare the results with other computers with the same CPU through a web-based interface.

The main window prompts you to choose the drive to test and that's basically the point where the user's job is done.

Disk Speed will begin the test and provide details on the linear and random read, showing a few brief results at the top of the page, such as access time, max read speed, cached speed and overall score.

Once the tests are completed, you have the option to compare the results on the official website of the developer, where you will find the lowest, the average and the fastest scores for each of the aforementioned values.

Other than that, Disk Speed also provides a disk info tab that shows information about the selected drive, including total sectors, disk size, bytes per sector, sectors per cluster, model and serial number, file system and media type.

The most impressive thing is the fact that Disk Speed is being delivered as an incredibly lightweight package, but we recommend you to close all the other running apps before starting a test.

All in all, Disk Speed is a nice way to get to know your hard disks, and since it runs on low resources, it's really worth a shot.

Disk Speed was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on November 19th, 2012
Disk Speed - With the help of this program you can find out specific details regarding your drives such as access time, max read speed and more.Disk Speed - From this tab users will have the possibility of viewing detailed information regarding their drive.

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