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Speed up disk operation with a secure virtual RAM disk.





Hard disks are weakest link of modern computers, slowing down the entire system. The hard drives have moving mechanical parts, making them slow to access a particular spot on the magnetic storage media. While sustained transfer rates of modern hard disks are high, the need to seek for a position on the surface of the disk makes random access extremely slow.

If your system has a lot of read-write operations on a limited set of files, moving the frequently accessed data off the actual hard disk into computer's memory can speed up operation and reduce access times dramatically.

Secure your data and speed up disk operations on the fly. DiskBoost creates a virtual RAM disk in your computer memory, allowing for blazingly fast disk operations with instant file access.

Increase browsing speed by storing the Temporary Internet Files folder on a RAM disk or speed up your server by moving frequently accessed files or databases from the hard disk into the computer's memory. DiskBoost automatically protects all data by encrypting everything you store on virtual disks on-the-fly.
Last updated on April 11th, 2008
DiskBoost - This is the main window of DiskBoost allowing you to create a virtual disk.DiskBoost - This window allows you to input your choices in order to create a new virtual disk.