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A small and effective utility that will make it possible for anyone to perform tests and make modifications to the contents and structure of floppy disks





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For many long years copying, transferring, backing up and sharing data was done using among other media floppy disks. Oftentimes damaged by a variety of external factors, these vulnerable diskettes required a lot of attention in handling and regular maintenance in order to function correctly.

Among the numerous programs designed to take care of such tasks, Disktest PRO is a bit more complete as it offers not only the means to check the floppies, but also to apply fixes and modify the contained data.

From a really friendly and quite nice looking interface, this software solution is able to perform surface scans and mark bad sectors, skip them, create backup copies of the data on the disk automatically and attempt repairs on the spot.

All the options can be selected manually and the generous graphical view shows, with specific color codes, the bits of good data, the errors, the boot region, the empty space and so on. Formatting the disk is also possible and both quick and full format modes are available.

Another type of operation supported by Disktest PRO is the creation of rescue discs. More precisely, thus program can save locally the data currently stored on the floppy disk, or it can load onto the target diskette the previously saved bits of information.

There is also an 'Edit Mode' which is designed to allow for operations like mark, copy, read, write and verify the disk inserted in the floppy unit. A neat timer is there to help the users make an idea about the estimated time of completion for the selected jobs.
Last updated on September 21st, 2002
Disktest PRO - The appliction's main window provides numerous features such as Scan With User Options or Disk Scan.

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