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A small, yet efficient application whose main purpose is to verify if your Fujitsu IDE hard drive is operating properly and to troubleshoot it when necessary

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Fujitsu Diagnostic is a lightweight application that can check if a Fujitsu hard drive is operating under proper conditions, being able to verify data integrity on all sectors of the HDD.

It is meant for use exclusively with Fujitsu devices; however, taking into consideration that the company has passed on their HDD business to Toshiba back in 2009, the utility is now aimed at users that still own an old Fujitsu hard drive.

Although Toshiba has integrated Fujitsu’s HDD technologies nicely, it is not recommended that you use this diagnostic program on Toshiba hard drives as many compatibility issues might arise.

Fujitsu Diagnostic was designed for uses who are experiencing problems after a formatting or partitioning operation has been performed on the hard drive. It is able to identify stringent causes of HDD failures, making you aware of the further actions needed to restore the device to a working state.

The utility must be launched from a floppy disk and is empowered by a console environment. It relies on a few automatic steps that will allow it to assess the condition of the HDD, the first of which is the identification of the device.

This is quickly followed by a thorough analysis, which is completely non-destructive and reveals the aspects that are currently affecting the HDD. As opposed to similar utilities, Fujitsu Diagnostic not only pinpoints the causes of a faulty hard drive, but acts as a troubleshooter where a simple or quick fix is required.

However, considering that Fujitsu no longer issues hard drives, the program stands little chance of surviving on the software market. For the time being, it could still benefit users that own computers equipped with an old Fujitsu HDD.

Fujitsu Diagnostic was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 8th, 2014
Fujitsu Diagnostic - This window will permit you to run tests on your Fujitsu hard drive to determine if it's malfunctioning.