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It will show your HDD serial number and other key information.

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Hardware ID Extractor is a lightweight application designed to help you retrieve the identification number from various computer components such as the hard drive or the processor. It can be useful when you need to find out the unique ID of a component.

The program is very simple to use since you only need to run the executable file and to click one button in order to get the information. The users that have multiple disk drives and partitions can select the partition before retrieving the ID number.

The displayed information includes the unique hard drive ID that is provided by the manufacturer and the partition serial number generated when the disk is formatted. You can also view the CPU identification number and the speed of your processor. The app displays both the theoretic and the current speed of the CPU at the moment of the measurement.

The size of the RAM memory is measured by the application and displayed in in the main window. However, in our tests the program only displayed 4 GB of memory out of the eight megabytes available. On systems with less than 4 GB the measurement was accurate.

The casual user can use this tool to get the basic information about the installed hard drive, memory and CPU. However, this function is very important for the programmers that want to protect their software by generating activation keys based on the hardware ID. The DLL component offered by the developer allows them to embed this function in any program.

Hardware ID Extractor is a compact information tool that can prove to be useful both for the users that need to find out the ID of the hard disk and for the developers that want to protect the result of their work.

HDD ID Utility was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on November 2nd, 2012
HDD ID Utility - The application will display very useful data about your Hard Drive, CPU, and Physical Memory.

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