HDD Scan And Repair

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Bootable solution for accessing the hard disk directly and for checking for damaged sectors as well as running restoration routines

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Whether you like it or not, hardware fails at one point or another, but in the case of hard disks some measures can be taken to keep using them a while longer, until you are ready to replace them.

HDD Scan And Repair is designed to help you check the hard disk for bad sectors and isolate them so that the storage device can still be used.

Boot into a special OS

The application works by booting the computer into a special environment equipped with a specific tool that can get the job done. One of its advantages is that it can control read and write operations directly, without depending on the BIOS.

According to the developer, the maximum theoretical size limitation supported by HDD Scan And Repair is around 2TB. However, keep in mind that the utility is designed to work with IDE connected devices, which makes it suitable for older hardware.

Short list of options

Once booted, the interface of the program makes available a list of options that includes initiating a default scan, which verifies all sectors and could take a while to complete, or running an advanced check; this involves defining a start and end point, resulting in a faster operation.

There is also the possibility to map damaged sectors and view them clearly as well as running restoration routines.


HDD Scan And Repair is a handy solution for determining the bad sectors on an IDE-connected storage device and trying to isolate them so that the hardware can still be used. However, keep in mind that the application has not been updated in a long time and it may not work with modern hardware.

HDD Scan And Repair was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on March 14th, 2014