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This program is the only one known professional program which can scan HDD over 136Gb

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HDD Scan and Restoration Program addresses a particular segment of users due to its interface limitation of only supporting IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics by Western Digital). Thus, any other interface such as SATA or SCSI is ignored and hard drives presenting these types of technology cannot be used with HDD Scan and Restoration Program.

While this can be seen as a major drawback these days, as long as computer stores keep selling PATA (Parallel ATA) also known as IDE, software such as HDD Scan and Restoration Program is far from pointless and even if IDE drives would not be commercialized anymore, there still are the ones that are completely functional to a point where this line of applications comes into play.

Theoretically, HDD Scan and Restoration Program supports hard drives up to 2TB, which is rather uncommon when dealing with IDE drives, as the biggest capacity ever reached on this specific interface for a series is 750GB found in the Seagate Barracuda 7200.10. The software comes packing an ISO image file that you can burn to a disc and boot from it in order to access the program.

Once you did that, the main interface of HDD Scan and Restoration Program presents itself on your computer’s screen and you can start the default scan as well as a more advanced scan to track down any drive anomalies. Be aware that these types of hardware scanning can take up to several hours if not days, so be prepared for anything timewise.

This specialized program also features a defects map for you to spot the bad sectors of your hard drive quickly and easily. A Fast Restore function is also present for restoration purposes. As a recommendation, make sure your hard drive is not completely lost to any chance of being restored before performing any scan on it.

The bottom line is that HDD Scan and Restoration Program can do wonders when it comes to a fairly narrow sector of hard drives. Unless you are dealing with a faulty, yet not dead IDE HDD that presents at least one hope to be revived, then this software is not for you. HDD Scan and Restoration Program can prove to be the right tool at the right time, in a few cases.

HDD Scan and Restoration Program was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on July 10th, 2013