Lalim Parallel Port Control Pro3.6.0

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This application controls the hardware through the parallel port.






Lalim Parallel Port Control controls hardware through the parallel port (printer port) and can also control a remote PC parallel port through a network.

Most of engineering industry using PC to control hardware with using additional I/O card but with Lalim Parallel Port Control you can use your default printer port controlling external device such as switching on/off light or control electronic devices.

What does this program [does is] trigger the parallel port (Printer port) 's data pin by your command. For example when you trigger pin2 , your printer port's pin2 becomes +5 volt . With this +5 volt , you can built your own electronic circuit to drive other external device. You can also built a simple circuit to test it by connect a LED with 1 kohm resistor direct to it pin.
Last updated on October 20th, 2008
Lalim Parallel Port Control Pro - The main window allows you to add your IP Address and the Local Printer's Port.Lalim Parallel Port Control Pro - The Connect as Server window helps you add the IP addressn the parallel port address, the decimal value and the binary value.Lalim Parallel Port Control Pro - The Setting window allows you to customize the startup and the parallel port address.