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Seamlessly convert drives to NTFS and edit partition labels on Windows XP or older using this intuitive and speedy software tool

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With the help of M Mini Partition Magic you can seamlessly convert drives to NTFS filesystem as well as edit drive labels. This is a straightforward utility that comes loaded with just a couple of intuitive options which can be handled with ease by anyone, even users with little or no experience in such software.

Works only for Windows XP and older

Before proceeding any further, you should know that this is an old product that hasn't been updated for a very long time, and it doesn't offer support past Windows XP. Although it may run on newer Windows editions (as it did in our tests on Windows 7), M Mini Partition Magic doesn't work properly (graphical elements were improperly displayed), so there's a risk of inadvertently damaging the system when attempting to convert drives to NTFS.

Convert drives to NTFS and edit labels

The setup operation is a fast task that requires minimal user assistance. The app is wrapped in a clean and intuitive interface made from a small window that shows all provided by M Mini Partition Magic.

It's possible to select a disk drive from a drop-down menu and simply instruct the application to transform it into NTFS. You should keep in mind that this may need system restart to finalize the job.

Although it has a visible option for converting drives to FAT32, this feature never got implemented, unfortunately. Apart from the fact that you can change a drive's label into anything else, there are no other notable options available here.

Evaluation and conclusion

The tool still works smoothly on Windows XP. We ran it inside a virtual machine in our tests and it didn't hang, crash or prompt error messages. The task was carried out reasonably fast, while the app remained light on system resources consumption.

It's a shame that product development wasn't continued for OS support past Windows XP. Nevertheless, owners of older hardware configurations can still use M Mini Partition Magic.

M Mini Partition Magic was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 12th, 2015
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