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Easy way to detect & manipulate (read/write/delete) a NTFS alternate data stream.






NTFS files contain one primary stream and, optionally, one or more alternate data streams (ADS).

The problem is that Microsoft provides no tools or utilities either within the operating system software distribution or the Resource Kits for detecting the presence of ADSs. When viewing a directory with explorer, or using the dir command in cmd.exe, the information reported pertains to the primary stream only.

NTFS Streams Info is a useful program which alloews te user to detect and manipulate (read, write or delete) a NTFS alternate data stream.

The existence of NTFS Alternate Data Streams and their potential for misuse has recently been publicised in various NT related newsgroups and mailing lists. These streams can be used to hide the existence of data of any size and type (eg confidential data, images, executable code etc) which may be damaging to your organization. Legitimate uses of streams have also been included in recent editions of some UK PC magazines.

The current problem with streams is that many Windows NT users (including administrators) are not aware that streams exist and even if they know of them have no simply method of detecting them.

The utility searches an NTFS disc locating and reporting the size and the name of every alternate data stream detected. With this tool you can even manipulate with ADSs!

Here are some key features of "NTFS Streams Info":

■ Batch deleting ADSs from files and folders. You can select all or point to kinds of ADSs which you want to delete with Batch Delete ADS dialog;
■ You can attach readable description for any kind of ADS with ADS Description dialog. This utility automatically fills up list of known ADS' kind when new kind (name) of ADS is detected;
■ Fixed 'out of system resources' error when result of scan contains too many files.
■ Fixed 'Drive is not NTFS' error when it is


■ 30 days trial
■ Nag screen
Last updated on January 28th, 2005
NTFS Streams Info - Here we can view that the program has not detected the presence of Alternate Data Streams (ADS) in this folder.NTFS Streams Info - Options provided by the application to deal with ADS where the option Batch Removing - removes all of the selected ADS from files and folders.NTFS Streams Info - This dialog window will appear when you've selected FolderBatch Removing and will provide you with various options for deleting ADSs from files andor folders.