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Defragment your hard drive, analyze the structure of each disk and improve your computer's performance with the least amount of effort

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Quick Defrag is a lightweight and easy to use piece of software developed to offer you an efficient method of reducing the level of disk fragmentation on any of the system drives on your PC, in just a few swift moves.

The benefits of a portable tool

The utility does not require an installation process, meaning you can run it immediately after download and begin working with it.

Additionally, this means you can store Quick Defrag on a USB stick or other portable memory devices and use it on any compatible system, be it at work or at home, just by double-clicking the EXE.

Similarly, because an installation is not necessary, the application does not leave traces in your registry, thus allowing you to remove it just by deleting it from your computer.

Choose your defragment option and proceed

The interface of Quick Defrag features a single, non-resizable window which offers an 'Options' menu. You can select the action that you want to perform, either 'Defrag Now', 'Scan Only', 'Get Information' or 'Schedule Defrag'.

Optionally, Quick Defrag can run the operation in the background, so its main window does not bother you or interfere with your other activities. Finally, you can select the system drive that you want to address, then press the 'Start' button.

The 'Schedule Defrag' feature enables you to automatically run defragmentation operations on a daily, weekly or monthly interval. When the process is complete, the program lets you know of its outcome.

Handy performance improving utility

By defragmenting your drives, you reduce the delayed response time from your PC, allowing it to move more swiftly and eliminate the waiting times as much as possible. If you have not performed such an operation in a while, you will notice a significant difference between now and then.

To summarize, Quick Defrag is a useful application that enables you to improve your computer's response speed by lowering your drives' fragmentation level to an acceptable range.

Quick Defrag was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 11th, 2015
Quick Defrag - Quick Defrag is a simple tool that allows you to analyze your computer and see the level of fragmentationQuick Defrag - You can choose the Defrag Now option from the menu and the targeted driveQuick Defrag - The Options menu enables you to select whichever action best suits your current needsQuick Defrag - screenshot #4

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