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A lightweight utility that was especially tailored for all users who still need to create or read floppy disk image files or boot disks

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Creating CD or DVD data discs and disk images may be a quite common job these days, but doing the same thing with an old floppy disk is something rare and not quite straightforward. Since most utilities that can carry out these tasks need to be run from the command-line only or under DOS, a GUI application that can be deployed under Windows was really necessary.

To fulfill this need, RawWrite was developed and it functions as an alternative to the old rawrite command-line. The interface is really simple, very easy to understand and use and the best thing about the program is that it doesn't have to be installed or configured in any special way, it simply runs right out of the box.

You can use RawWrite on systems that feature more than a single floppy unit thanks to the fact that the software has a drop-down list that includes all the compatible drives that are connected to the system the utility runs on.

If you have an image file that you want to write onto a diskette, all you have to do, after selecting the floppy drive is to navigate to the location here it is stored and select it. You should note that only IMG file type is supported and the maximum number of copies that can be made in one go is limited to 100.

In a similar manner, when you need to read the data from an image that is on a floppy disk, you will have to choose the appropriate drive and set the output destination. An important thing that has to be mentioned is that if a file with an identical name already exists in the output location, you will have to rename it in order to avoid having the data overwritten.

Tu sum things up, its safe to say that RawWrite provides indeed a very simple way of writing and reading image files to and from floppy disks. Thanks to the graphical user interface, the interaction is now more facile for less experienced users who might have some problems using the DOS or command-line variant.

RawWrite was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on December 2nd, 2013
RawWrite - Write tab window of RawWriteRawWrite - Read tab window of RawWrite