Samsung Auto Backup

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A practical, reliable and effective application that comes in handy for users who need to backup and secure their data stored on a Samsung HDD

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Samsung Auto Backup is a comprehensive and complete backup solution worth having when you need to backup important documents locally or through a network.

Simply connect your Samsung device to your computer, run the application and backup critical data, encrypt important files and secure any document so it can’t be accessed by unauthorized users.

While the application runs smoothly in the background, an Auto Backup icon is displayed in the right corner of your desktop. This way, you have the possibility to view information about the total and the available space from your Samsung HDD.

When you backup data using Samsung Auto Backup, you should perform a full backup of all your data so you won’t risk lose it. After that, you can easily perform real-time backups that monitor the source and modify your data only when changes are met.

Because it uses a disk-based backup method, the application minimizes the time required to restore the data and allows you to backup the data that has changed or added since the last backup. The advantage of this option is that it is much faster than a full backup, as it is only updating the files that have been changed.

The application sports an intuitive interface and comes with well-organized menus and useful wizards. Before actually backing up your files, you will see a splash screen that requires you to check all your files and folders and backup your data as you specified.

Still, you can preview the results of the backup process after performing manual or scheduled backups. In order to view detailed backup results, you need to access the ‘Task Related information’ window.

Another feature worth mentioning is the restoring data, which is a vital option in these kinds of applications. The process of restoring data is very similar when deleting data using the icons along the top of the screen.

Moreover, when backing up important data, you need to specify a new folder location, which can be a network folder as well. By using Samsung Auto Backup you have the possibility to connect to a new network folder by changing the connection type and specifying the shortcut name.

Because the basic units that are backed up are files and folders, Samsung Auto Backup comes with a useful shell extension so you can easily access your documents within the backup data.

Taking into consideration the main purpose that Samsung Auto Backup was designed for, it’s a useful application that you can rely on when it comes to backing up and securing important documents.

Samsung Auto Backup was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on October 30th, 2013