Seagate Manager for FreeAgent

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A useful application that was designed to bring you a diagnostic tool, as well as other features you can use on your Seagate FreeAgent device

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Many hardware devices come with their own, dedicated software that provides management features and enables the user to fully exploit all the features of that gadget or system component.

External hard drives are among the most common types of devices that have included in the package an application for controlling the functions of the unit and offering something extra besides basic data storage.

FreeAgent drives manufactured by Seagate have such a utility, especially tailored for them, which enhances the practicality brought about by such a device. Called Seagate Manager for FreeAgent, the software brings a set of tools that are created to help users in the administration of their data.

Thus, the program supplies a most useful backup feature that can be used in one of the two available modes. With 'Simple Backup' selected, you can have the data in your personal folder saved on a daily basis, while the 'Custom Backup' mode allows you to choose the target directories, file types and schedule backups manually.

A neat feature of Seagate Manager for FreeAgent is the ability to synchronize files between two systems. This means that you can use the external drive to store the needed items from your home PC, for example, and then when connecting the unit to another computer, have the similar files synchronized automatically.

Data protection is by no means overlooked and this program offers password encryption for any folder on the FreeAgent drive. The information contain in that directory will be accessible only if the correct passkey is entered. Using Seagate Manager for FreeAgent you can also configure the power setting, so as to have the drive enter power-saving mode after an interval of inactivity of your choosing.

All things considered, it's safe to say that Seagate Manager for FreeAgent is one of the best solutions for that specific type of hardware. Thanks to its friendly interface and easy to use features, the program is well suited for all users, experienced and beginners as well.

Seagate Manager for FreeAgent was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on September 4th, 2013
Seagate Manager for FreeAgentSeagate Manager for FreeAgent - Seagate Manager includes backup and restore features to enable you to protect your dataSeagate Manager for FreeAgentSeagate Manager for FreeAgent - Seagate Manager enables you to synchronize one or more folders between two or more computersSeagate Manager for FreeAgent - Security features, including encryption of multiple files and folders in one location, as well as backup and sync encryption are also availableSeagate Manager for FreeAgentSeagate Manager for FreeAgentSeagate Manager for FreeAgent