Stotraa Disk Cleaner

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An effective tool that was especially created to serve as a means of finding junk files and removing them from the hard drive on the spot

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Junk files and temporary items that should have been automatically removed but somehow managed to remain stored onto the PC may hinder its functioning if they accumulate in large numbers. To prevent that from happening, regular scans are needed and a specialized utility that can help in this matter is Stotraa Disk Cleaner.

Plain interface for quick action

Once the setup is complete, you will be able to put this application to the test and this should take no more than a couple of clicks. This is because the GUI is quite simple and boasts very few functions you can use.

There are only two modules you can opt for, namely the Disk Cleaner and the Disk Analyzer, each capable of performing some in-depth scans to identify any possible issues and get rid of the unwanted files.

Simple operation for accurate results

The good thing is that there are no complex configurations to be made before running the supported operations, but this may also be a drawback for those who want to narrow the search scope and target some specific files for cleaning.

The disk analysis as well as the cleaning job are done independently by Stotraa Disk Cleaner, without requiring any interaction from the user. For the results to come in, it may take a few minutes depending on the size of the processed disks and on the number of files stored onto them.

Decent disk cleaning and analysis capabilities

The Disk Analyzer is set to find only some particular formats, like compressed archives, images, documents or video and audio files. Unfortunately, it will not reveal all the items from your HDD and is not as customizable as the Disk Cleaner module.

The cleanup component is more elaborate and allows you to choose the specific file types that will be under scrutiny. Nonetheless, it too may overlook some items, so removing all the junk with Stotraa Disk Cleaner could take up more time than expected.

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Last updated on March 11th, 2014
Stotraa Disk Cleaner - This is the main window of Stotraa Disk Cleaner that will allow you to access all the functions of the application.Stotraa Disk Cleaner - Stotraa Disk Cleaner enables you to choose the target drive(s) from this window of the program.Stotraa Disk Cleaner - With Stotraa Disk Cleaner it is possible to define the targeted files and the exclusions as well.Stotraa Disk CleanerStotraa Disk CleanerStotraa Disk CleanerStotraa Disk Cleaner