VMWare Disk Mount GUI

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A lightweight application that was especially created to allow you to easily mount Virtual Machine Disk files right from the system tray

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When creating virtual disks for use inside environments like those offered by VMware, a specific filetype is used, in this case VMDK, which stands for Virtual Machine Disk. This container for virtual HDDs needs a utility that can mount the disk images to the desired drives.

For this purpose, a command-line tool has been developed, but in the absence of a proper interface, some users may find it a bit difficult to use it at its full potential. To alleviate this shortcoming, there is a front-end program that is a breeze to operate.

Called VMWare Disk Mount GUI, this software is focused on mounting and unmounting the virtual disks with minimal efforts. The pain interface is clearly bent on functionality as it hosts only the essential commands and buttons for carrying out the previously mentioned operations.

The first thing you will need, even prior to the installation of this utility, is the VMWare DiskMount executable so that VMWare Disk Mount GUI can work properly. Nonetheless, you can set the path to that EXE later on, from the 'Configuration' tab.

The main area of this tool is split into two sections, one for mounting the VMDK files and the other for unmounting them. The first operation can be completed in a simple manner, by browsing to the location of the VMWare disk, then selecting the target drive and, finally, pressing the 'Mount' button.

VMWare Disk Mount GUI is able to work with several images, so more than one virtual disk can be loaded o the system, each on its particular location. To unmount any of the available VMDKs, all you have to do is select it from the lower side of the 'Main' tab and then hit the 'Unmount' button.

To conclude, one thing is certain: VMWare Disk Mount GUI is sure to make the job easier for anyone who needs to handle such virtual disk images in a simple manner.

VMWare Disk Mount GUI was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on December 3rd, 2013
VMWare Disk Mount GUI - The main tab window of VMWare Disk Mount lets you select the VMWare image to mountVMWare Disk Mount GUI - The Configuration tab window lets you select the VMWare DiskMount path